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About Us

Story Guides and Game Magicians

(What a fun job title!)

Sun Sailor Productions is a game production house focused on table top role playing games. It is also the parent company of Story Tables which facilitates interactive storytelling exercises, camps, and after school programs. At Sun Sailor, we create modules, stories, and game systems that are not only easy to learn, but are compelling and imaginative.

Follow our blog for musings on table top gaming, board games, and interactive fiction, as well as updates about our upcoming projects.


Meet the MacSaylors


Ashton MacSaylor is an interactive fiction writer, game designer, and high school English teacher with over twenty years experience playing and running tabletop roleplaying games. He has won multiple Windhammer prizes for short interactive fiction and authored the interactive fiction novel “The Good, the Bad, and the Undead.”


Callie MacSaylor is a professional artist who has worked in video games, animation, and illustration. In 2013 she graduated with an MFA in visual development. She has over six years of ttrpg experience and loves being a Story Guide and Managing Director for their game service company, Story Tables.

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