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Misfit Table

Twitch Stream

What happens when a group of professional game masters, actors, and artists get together for a little bit of magic and mayhem? You get Misfit Table, a twitch stream and live D&D show for misfits by misfits.

Tuesdays: 8pm - 10pm PST


Robert Hearn

Game Master

Rob brings a lot to the table. He has over 30 years experience as a player and game master, along with a background in art, photography, design, and television production. He loves storytelling and worldbuilding and has created his own worlds, maps, and original stories. He runs games with a flexible style and is willing to get into the weeds with character development, charge into a tactical battle, or crawl through a dungeon with his players.

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Callie MacSaylor

Character: Tanna

All hail Callie MacSaylor the Digital Queen of the Titanium Spine - Pusher of Pixels and Mother of Forests!

Callie is a professional game master, artist, and co-founder of two table top roleplaying game companies: Story Tables and Sun Sailor Productions. She has been playing tabletop roleplaying games for six years and running them professionally for almost three. She enjoys fantasy, science fiction, and stylish sun umbrellas.

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Chad_Yarish Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Chad Yarish

Character: Samarand Ludd

Chad Yarish has 20+ years of acting experience, 30+ years of gaming experience, and 1+ years of sourdough bread baking experience.  He is, among other things, a member of The Reduced Shakespeare Company, having travelled the world getting paid to be a professional goofball, and workshopping the last five plays written by the company.  Chad does all his own beard stunts, and is available for a wide range of voiceover needs, which has nothing to do with beards.

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Brandon Jenkins

Character: Sylfira Eventide

I'm Brandon, a dorky amalgam of interests, hobbies, caffeine, music, and a whole lot of half-cooked projects and unfinished TV shows. I've always been passionate about art and just creating stuff, but music and acting have been my two main outlets since I was kid. In the past I've been involved in local theater, an improv club, bands, a choir, played various small gigs and open-mics, and done all sorts of other creative stuff in between like acrylic paintings, ornamental metal fabrication, designing tattoos, remodeling houses, selling musical instruments...and I even worked in the video game industry for 3 years somewhere in there. Whatever I get myself into though, voice acting *always* comes back to stand out amongst that list as something I really want to do with my life. We're talkin' dream job status, honestly. Playing D&D over the last several years has helped me tremendously in my path toward becoming a better voice actor. I am awed and inspired by the depth and life that people can bring to an animation or game simply with their voice, and I hope that I can do the same someday.

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Ashton MacSaylor


Ashton is a writer, teacher, professional DM, and purveyor of fine stories through his role as co-founder
of Story Tables and Sun Sailor Games. He started running games professionally for youth during his
tenure as a high school English teacher, but it has since become his career. He designed the Isles of
Mist system, which is created especially for youth age 11-18 as a ruleset that is both easy and flexibile
for supporting the tremendous imaginations of that age range.
Isles of Mist does not yet have a public release, but he has several other publications available. On the
DM's Guild, he has released a couple of one page adventures and the much longer, "Caul of Winter," a
complete new starter quest and remix for the Rime of The Frostmaiden campaign. He also has an
interactive novel available on Amazon, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, which he co-wrote with a
favorite author from his childhood, Jamie Thomson. Stick around a while, and hear a story!

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