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Misfit Table

What happens when a group of professional game masters, actors, and artists get together for a little bit of magic and mayhem? You get Misfit Table, a twitch stream and live D&D show for misfits by misfits.

Tuesdays: 8pm - 10pm PST

Isles of Mist

An Adventure in the Skies

Sun Sailor's developing system makes its public debut

Watch our team embark on a journey through Isles of Mist, a game system and world currently being used by Story Tables' popular ttrpg enrichment program.

Isles of Mist is a highly magical world filled with mysterious mists, mythic monsters, and discoveries like no other! Learn about and contribute to the first public play test of a system that has been in development for over a decade!

Starts April 11th 2023 - 7pm PST

Kraken of the Rubble.jpg

Session 0 - Building Adventure

Session 1 - The Journey Begins

Current Cast

New Systems and Modules

 Sometimes it is easier to pick up a new game once you've seen someone else run it and enjoy it because of this, Misfit Table is dedicated to bringing awareness to different ttrpg systems and new D&D publications in short run sessions.

Professional Players

Our main pool of players are all professional game masters, actors, and public speakers. With a rotating cast of guests, Misfit Table makes sure to keep thing entertaining while highlighting different personalities in the ttrpg community.

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