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Secret Project X

Secret Project X (working title) is a realistic, modern RPG where ordinary people run up against the extraordinary. But is the extraordinary supernatural or explainable? Is it a ghost haunting the water park or is it the reclusive Old Man Jenkins? Is the man you're chasing a serial killer or a Vampire hunter? Anything is possible and the truth could be deadly.

This is a simulationist-style game with elegant rules that allow a compelling narrative to emerge through play. It uses an innovative, blackjack-style core mechanic that is intuitive and fun to master. You will find fast and realistic gunfights, along with rich sanity mechanics that help you get inside your character's mind.

Spooky Forest

Genre Adaptability

Plug-in genre rules that let you lean your game toward 5 different types of campaigns or mix and match!

- Action

- Horror

- Art House

- Survival

- Drama

Easy and Relatable World

A simulationist RPG system streamlined for today's sophisticated gamers with class-less, level-less character building that puts the focus 100% on regular humans in a familiar, modern world

Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

Realistic combat in which fights are deadly and fast with a shock effect that mirrors real life physical and mental injuries.

Plus a sanity system that gives nuance to the characters convictions and mental cracks

Premade Villians

Support for a wide variety of cryptids and creeps to throw at your players, including aliens, zombies, vampires, or more sinister human foes like serial killers and mirror-shaded government agents. 

Join a Play Test 

One shots of Secret Project X are run every other Friday evening online. Let us know if you would like to join and what times and dates work for you.

These are intimate games with no more than six players at a time. 

These are welcoming tables and certain codes of conduct apply. Please arrive to the live-plays on time, sober and prepared to game. We do not tolerate discriminatory language of any kind. We are welcoming to the LGBTQ+ and POC communities. We want everyone to be comfortable and to have a good time so please be polite and respectful.

Thanks for Joining!

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