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Sun Sailor Productions oversees a wide variety of services and products, all of which relate to our love of tabletop gaming. We strive for mastery as game masters and players!


Online and In-Person

Table Top Gaming Service

Story Tables

Story Tables is on a mission to bring tabletop gameplay to the broader world. For 5 years we've produced and facilitated team-based storytelling games both online and in person all in our own easy-to-learn system.

Supplement for Rime of the Frostmaiden

D&D 5E

Caul of Winter

This supplement for Rime of the Frostmaiden takes a fresh look at the core storyline at the heart of the campaign. Alternate starting quest, 31 short encounters, reference map of Ten Towns, battle map, travel map, and environment rules.


One Sheet Adventure #1

City of the Swamp Kobolds

The Swamp Kobolds have risen up, crowned themselves a king, and even built a ramshackle city deep in their fetid swamps. Now they freely pillage the nearby towns. Who will stand up for the innocents who have been slain?

One Sheet Adventure #2

The Magister's Tomb

The King lies dead, murdered in his own bed. Only his three heirs had access to the tower. Now the Magister has passed as well, before he could complete his investigation. Who killed the King? And more importantly, who should rule next?


D&D Live Play

Misfit Table

What happens when a group of professional game masters, actors, and artists get together for a little bit of magic and mayhem? You get Misfit Table, a twitch stream and live D&D show for misfits by misfits.

Tuesdays: 8pm - 10pm PST