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Tabletop Gaming Events

Team Tables

Let's face it - most team building events are either boring or repetitive.

And for remote teams? There are very few event options.

Team Tables by Sun Sailor Productions hopes to change all that by bringing the benefits of tabletop roleplaying games to organizations across the country, virtually! 


Tabletop Team Building?

By using virtual dice and a collaborative narrative, Story Tables sets you and your team on a curated mission to build a world as you explore it. With the help of a Story Guide and our one of a kind game system, participants will take on a persona to navigate through a magical land while building a unique culture, heritage, and story together. Compete against other tables for your floating island to be voted your country’s next Capital City. 

Improve and enhance creative problem solving skills, morale, and team dynamics by engaging in a customized small group game framework that is like no other! These games are ideal for teams of 2-40 players.

How does the game work?


Engage your crew in an interactive story where you build a character, build a world, and then build a story. The Story Guide provides the structure. Your team builds the experience.


Game play is easy and fast to learn. Build your character using our easy templates and we'll provide the assets, digital dice, and maps.


Your team must describe their actions, discuss strategies, and think like their character to accomplish their goals.


Ongoing Play

Had fun building your world and story? Hire us to run an ongoing, reoccurring game for your team and let the

adventure continue!

Create and enhance your teams culture throughout the year by scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly games with our professional Story Guides.

Notable Clients

Ojai Storytelling Festival
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