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"Isles of Mist" on Misfit Table

A new live stream by Misfit Table coming TONIGHT April 18th at 7pm PST!

Isles of Mist is a highly magical world filled with mysterious mists, mythic monsters, and discoveries like no other! Learn about and contribute to the first public play test of a system that has been in development for over a decade!

"The airship “Beck and Call” is as untested as its Captain, Dominic Beck. Regardless, it has been called upon for a dangerous mission to a far flung land, rim-ward of the floating continent in order to deliver goods that even the crew is not allowed to see. Can the mechanic Kyburn, keep the ship in the air long enough for them to get the payout they desperately need? And who are these strange last minute passengers who’ve joined them?

Join Misfit Table as they play in the world of “Isles of Mist” and see if they can survive the journey through a land of mysterious mists, Lost Lake pirates, magic, and dangers unknown."

Sun Sailor's developing system makes its public debut! Watch our team embark on a journey through Isles of Mist, a game system and world currently being used by Story Tables' popular ttrpg enrichment program. Come contribute to an evolving system in a evolving world BEFORE it is published.

New System, new world, new guests - including Tory Doctor: actor, singer, and lyricist for OBPmusical a choose your own adventure D&D musical and thematic soundtrack commission business. Other guests include: Chris or "G Fitz" who is a ttrpg Tiktoker and forever DM, who is ready to PLAY! Join us TONIGHT!


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