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Misfit Table -- now streaming LIVE DnD!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Well folks, for those who don't know, it's time to introduce our latest project: Misfit Table!

For years, I (Ashton) have been running a more-or-less ongoing DnD game with a group of charismatic, talented friends. We started in a homebrew campaign, which went strong for several years, but slowly fell apart as several people moved away (including, eventually, Callie and myself!)

When the pandemic hit, it actually brought with it a silver lining. Suddenly no one could do anything in person, we were all bored, and no one had any plans on a Saturday night. We started up a new campaign, this time online: Waterdeep, Dragon Heist!

That game carried me during the first months of the pandemic. In a time when so much else was dark, this coming back together of the old gaming group proved a point of joy and light that I badly needed.

We eventually put a pause on Dragon Heist for me to run Rime of the Frostmaiden, as part of developing "Caul of Winter," and now we've put a pause on that to come back to Dragon Heist. We're still trying to keep it going, but that Saturday night time slot is a lot harder to keep now that pandemic restrictions have largely relaxed, and I'm not entirely sure of the future of that game.

However, in the meantime, we have an exciting new development: several of us have long been excited about the possibility of doing a live streaming game. We had so much fun with both Waterdeep (heavily homebrewed), and Rime (less-heavily modified), that we just wanted to share that with the world. Not everyone in the group was inclined toward a public presence, however, so the few of us who were excited about it put our heads together to build a streaming game.

After facing ridiculously steep technical problems, I finally managed to get the streaming setup working by A) using a simplified setup and B) getting a whole new computer and a steeply upgraded internet connection.

At long last, a couple of months ago, we started Misfit Table, our brand new streaming DnD game. I will be accepting congratulations and/or condolences at this time, as is customary among our people.

Misfit Table is, (for once!) not being run by me, but by our good friend, Rob Hearn, who is a professional DM in his own right. In addition to us here at Sun Sailor Productions, we have two talented actors and voice actors, Brandon Jenkins and Chad Yarish. Rob is running the new Wild Beyond the Witchlight, with some modifications by his own hand.

We are now two months in, and the exciting news is that as of last week, we have hit affiliate status! We tend to range from 6-16 viewers at any one time, but by now we've accumulated enough followers to show that it has appeal beyond our own friend group. We get about one new follow for every ten views, which seems like a pretty good ratio to me.

As for the game itself, we run it entirely in theater of the mind, with heavy roleplay--in fact, after two months of gaming, we had our first pseudo-combat last week!

Next time I'll do a profile of the characters, and coming up soon I'll also provide a recap for people who are joining in new. But until then...

Find us on Twitch Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm PST at

Or watch/listen at your own leisure on youtube at

Sneak preview: our experiences playing Wild Beyond the Witchlight are very likely to inform some upcoming DM's Guild releases giving Witchlight the same treatment we gave Rime. Stay tuned!


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